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Pharma Gate Global Ltd is a global specialty healthcare company with a heritage of over 11 years working with Manufacturers, Hospitals, Pharmacists and Governments with a singular objective of “Transmitting innovations for better lives” .

Pharma Gate Global Ltd is engaged in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply marketing and distribution business in MENA region. The company, founded in 2002, is representing several multinational pharmaceutical and Medical Supply companies; applying all the standards for excellence in its field.

Pharma Gate Global Ltd, also established a global network of licensed wholesale partners to facilitate the sale of an expansive list of innovative healthcare products to a wide variety of clients. Through our expertise and relationships with a wide network of international wholesalers, our clients gain access to unique pharmaceutical products and supplies from around the world.

Our expertise covers key strategic area including:

Product Registration

Marketing services

Distribution (certain markets only)

Over the last 11 years, the rapid growth of Pharma Gate Global Ltd., is a testimony to the commitment and dedication of a highly qualified and experienced team who performs with one single thought, “Innovation is the key”

With Kindest Regards,

Ahmed Ali Al Gharouri


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