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Halocarbon, USA:

Halocarbon manufactures aliphatic fluorochemicals, and inhalation anaesthetics and other specialty fluorochemicals.

Products: Isoflorane and Sevoflorane    www.halocarbon.com

Lyomark, Germany:

Lyomark Pharma specialises in the manufacture of sterile niche products in liquid and above all lyophilised form. Lyomark concentrates thereby on contract manufacturing which is both flexible and individual.

Products: Alveofact (Lung surfactant) www.lyomark.com

Karma Medica, Germany:

Karma Medica GmbH, headquartered in Marburg, Germany, is a company focused on the procurement, marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products worldwide. With 25 years of pharmaceutical field experience spanning the globe.

Products: Hormones, Chemotherapy. www.karma-medica.com


Innovative company which cares about evidence for "Prevention" on the same importance level of "Treatment" through: Medical devices based on evidence organic concept & Baby Products

Products: Baby Nadif (Nasal aspirator and Sea water Spray), Sanavox,Allerstop and Camuvir Barriera www.crabsinergy.com


PHARMA GATE Global is a PHARMACEUTICAL WHOLESALER for distribution and marketing of a wide range of non-registered medications in MENA region imported from the finest international pharmaceutical companies all over the world.