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Medical devices & supplies

INJEX 30, Germany

NJEX30, the needle free injector, is our product leader. The demand for starter kits is growing extensively and subsequently so are the orders for all related supplies.

Products: Injex 30 and coming soon Shireen.



The Ultroid® System is a painless, convenient, non-surgical alternative HD (hemorrhoidal disease) treatment performed in a doctor's office. No anesthesia, No preparation, Quick: about 10 minutes Rapid relief, Proven: safe & effective for over 20 years Reimbursable, No recovery time, Non-invasive


Biomet Microfixation, USA:

Biomet Microfixation offers a wide variety of craniomaxillofacial and thoracic products, including a full line of cranioplasty solutions as well as thoracic products for reconstruction of the chest.

Products:: Sternal Lock Blue , IQ Driver , Allogenix  


Q STAT, Australia:

The Q Stat Safety Syringe has significant design features that make it the most effective and safe automatic retractable syringe available today.

Products: Q STAT Safety syringe 1,3,5,10CC


Intermedico, JAPAN:

The company manufactures medical, cosmetic and health care products with high-level technology and inspects the quality of the products at every stage. Its main goal is to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products that protect and enhance the quality of life.

Products: Warmer face masks, Cosmetic patches.



Psi Health Solutions, Inc., the maker of Psi Bands, is committed to utilizing the latest research in proven complementary alternatives in order to provide high-quality, fashionable, comfortable, and affordable products that make a positive difference in people's health.

Products: Psi Bands: FDA cleared wrist-bands for relief of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women and after chemotherapy sessions www.psibands.com