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Advantages of Injex 30

Needle Injection is our childhood fear. Moms and Dads used to terrify us from going to dentist or to a doctor and have injection if we misbehave. This is why all of us by different degree looking to avoid NEEDLE INJECTION. Many of diabetics suffer from diabetes complications because they don't want to have their insulin dose fearing of needle injection. Many others; specially children hide their dental pain to avoid dentist needle.

  • Improve patient acceptance of therapy – Let’s face it, no one likes injections with needles! By eliminating the needle from injection therapies, the net result is better acceptance by patients.
  • Increase patient compliance – Better acceptance leads to better compliance. By eliminating the “fear factor” from taking injections, patients will be less likely to skip a dose or delay treatment.
  • Eliminate risks of sharps’ injuries and disposal hassles – Recent US Federal and State legislation has mandated the use of safety injection products in healthcare facilities. Needle-free injection is a primary prevention tool that eliminates the risk of accidental needle stick injuries and disposal risks associated with needle syringes.
  • Product differentiation in competitive market – The increasingly competitive pharmaceutical marketplace demands constant innovation to stand out from the crowd. Needle-free injection offers a proven means of differentiating injection therapies through a more patient-friendly delivery device.

Cost effectiveness and better quality of life – By increasing patient acceptance, improving compliance and the ease of use, the net result for the hospital may be is a less admissions due to uncontrolled diabetes result from dose skipping and accordingly less operational costs combined with and a better patient’s quality of life.