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Plastic Surgery


MidFace 1.5mm,2.0mm (Plating System) :
Indicated in case of trauma,craniomaxillary reconstruction,and orthognathic procedure in the midface.
-MidFace Technical Guide ( Guide )
Mandible 2.0mm,2.4mm (Plating System) :
Indicated in primary mandibular fracture repair and comminuted fracture of the mandible.
-Mandible Technical Guide ( Guide )
Trauma One (Plating System) :
Complete plating system with instruments (all in one).
-Trauma One Technical Guide ( Guide )
External Distraction:
Blue Device:
Sutable for patients 2 years and up,indicated for craniofacial anomalies and lefort I,II,III midface asymmetry.
-Blue Device Technical Guide ( Guide )
Bi-phasic Pin Fixator:
Indicated for multiple fractures,bone resection and reconstruction.
-Bi-phasic Pin Fixator Technical Guide ( Guide )
Allogenix  (Demineralized Bone Substitute DBM) :
Is an off the shelf ,moldable tissue graft that combines DBM with anon-toxic lipid carrier.
-Allogenix Technical Guide ( Guide )
Lactosorb SE :
Indicated in comminuted fracture of naso-ethmoidal infraorbital area the frontal sinus wall and midface trauma.
-Lactosorb Technical Guide ( Guide )
Lorenz Instrumentation:
Inspired by hands that hold them.
-Instrumentation Catalog ( Guide )