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IQ (Intelligent System) :

Accurate and rapid screw insertion,which may lead to potential time savings and reduced hospital costs.


-IQ Demo.


-IQ Technical Guide ( Guide No.1Guide No.2 – Guide No.3 ).

-IQ Evaluation ( Guide No.1 – Guide No.2 ).

Sterile Trace (1.5mm Plating System) :

Indicated for oral ,craniomaxillofacial procedure including reconstruction.

-Sterile Trace Technical Guide ( Guide )

1.5 mm Plating System:

Special plates designed to accommodate selected surgical approach.

-Neuro Plating Technical Guide ( Guide )

Allogenix (Demineralized Bone Substitute DBM) :

Is an off the shelf ,moldable tissue graft that combines DBM with anon-toxic lipid carrier.

-Allogenix Technical Guide ( Guide )

HTR-PMI (Patient Matched Implant) :

Is indicated for the entire calvarium including the posterior ,middle and anterior cranial fossa.

-HTR Technical Guide ( Guide )

RapidFlap Spindown (Neuro Plating System) :

The system provides a simplified approach to cranial fixation,that can reduce surgical time.

-RapidFlap Technical Guide ( Guide )